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Supported Apps

In addition to Shopify, CX Video can be connected to most modern web apps, such as those listed below. Contact us for more information.

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Works with your workflow

Patent-pending automation enables you to deepen your customer relationships at scale.

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1. You make a sale

Your online store notifies us of a new sale.

Or you may have finished a project, received a new subscriber, or set any other trigger from the apps above.

2. Talking Points Created

Requiring zero research time, you'll know exactly what to say to each customer.

Every message is sent straight to your CX Video mobile app for recording.

3. Record Your Video

Using our mobile app for iOS and Android, bring your personality and location to your customers when you record your video.

It's more engaging and memorable than a hand written note, and quicker to create too!

4. Delighted Customers

Your customers will appreciate your authenticity, and you'll cultivate new advocates for your brand and deeper loyalty.

Every video is branded to your company design palette, then streamed to play inside any modern browser.

This ensures a flawless on-brand viewing experience with zero downloads required by your customers.

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