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Zero research time

Sending a video message to your customers is quick with CX Video. With our Shopify integration you can see everything you need to say to your customers right from our mobile app.

Zero research time enables you to have a massive impact to your entire customer experience at very little cost, delivering you much higher re-purchase rates as a result.

Complete branding control

Every time your customers view your videos they will know they have come from you because we've made huge efforts to ensure your brand is front and centre.

An on-brand customer experience needs to reflect your company's identity and visuals, and thus CX Video matches the look and feel of your existing online store.

Your colour pallette, logo's, hero images, video watermark and page favicon are all configurable, right down to the URL users are directed to if they click your logo.

Multiple users

You can have several employees assigned to record videos.

You can also assign people to be company administrators and make changes via the admin console.

Popular integrations

CX Video connects seamlessly to Shopify, for an easy no-code setup experience.

We can also link CX Video to the applications listed on this site.

Adaptive bitrate streaming

Ensuring your customers get an amazing viewer experience, irrespective of how fast their internet connection is.

60 day video retention

Videos are viewable by your customers for 60 days, and longer on select plans.

Spam avoidance

Messages sent from CX Video appear to come from your server, ensuring high open rates.

Additional mechanisms are used to ensure high message delivery rates and avoiding being marked as spam.

Native Mobile Apps

Our native apps for iOS and Android make it super simple for you to record, review and send video messages to your customers.

Because it's on mobile, you can record from anywhere - for example your vineyard, studio or office, to ensure a great on-brand experience is provided to your customers.

Integrated Shopify Admin Console

Do everything you need to do to optimise your customer experience right within Shopify.

Manage your company branding, review recordings, setup your integrations, view analytics and add/remove users.


See click and video watch rates right from CX Video.

Spoiler alert: you'll be amazed at how consistently higher they are for your business than traditional marketing technology software.

High metrics result in higher ROI from your efforts to drive repeat business from your customer base.

Generous video allowances

To support businessesx during COVID we're not charging for this service. If you believe you will be producing many videos (eg hundreds per month) contact us and we can work with you to support this.

Tracking Codes

e.g. Google analytics, Facebook pixels can be added to the video playback page.
(Coming soon)

Omni-channel Delivery

If you would prefer to send messages via a different channel that will be possible soon. For example via SMS, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Facebook messenger. 
We recommend you stick with channels your customers expect you would contact them on.
(Coming soon).

Privacy First

We use "security via obscurity" to help you ensure all your videos are only viewed by the people you intend to see them.

Additionally videos can expire after a separate time for extra privacy.

Finally, unlike YouTube and other streaming services, the videos you send to your customers are not indexed by search engines, so remain private to those you send them to.

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Offer memorable online experiences and start selling more today.

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Farmers Market

Have more authentic relationships with your customers

90% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and choose to support.

51% of consumers say less than half of brands create content that resonates as being authentic.

We help turn your customers into raving fans with authentic, memorable and personal 1:1 videos.

Source: Stackla

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