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Drive Repeat Donations

The cost of acquiring a new donor is incredibly high, so it's important to retain them.

Many donors are reluctant to sign up for monthly donations, yet they still care about your organisation.

Sending on-brand, authentic videos help you retain the emotional bond you have with your donors - and are incredibly cost effective to produce too.

So next time you plan a donation drive, consider bringing 1:1 videos into the mix - they'll help you drive more donations quicker than a phone call.

Achieve Supporters for Life

It's not uncommon for donors to still have a passion about your cause or club, but because other areas in their life have taken priority they dis-engage and don't regularly donate.

Lost engagement often quickly results in lost donations, and if you have patrons and other high-value donors, this lost revenue can be significant.

Using CX Video you can cost-effectively send on-brand 1:1 messages to your high value supporters that keep them engaged, even when they cannot contribute a lot of time to your cause.

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Drive Greater Engagement

The emotional bond that your supporters have with your organisation is an asset, and something worth nurturing.

Video is a medium that transcends text on so many levels, and we help you nurture your relationships when you can't meet in person.

So next time you wish to do a member outreach activity, instead of writing an email, send a 1:1 video to them.

It's quicker, much more personal, and for the recipient, may be something they enjoy watching many times over - particularly if a key member in your team is the one sending the message.


Our mobile app lets you create 1:1 customer videos in minutes, with zero time required to research and rehearse.

Our platform then brands and delivers them so your customers receive an amazing experience that makes them come back to you for more.


Works with what you already use

Connect to the apps your organisation uses such as Trello, Asana, Zoho, Xero and more, with no fuss and no downtime.

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of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and choose to support.