Koerner Wine,
Clare Valley SA


"Our customers are blown away with the experience CX Video provides, and we are seeing the app benefit our bottom line too"

- Jono Koerner


Case Study

Koerner Wine, based in the beautiful Clare Valley region of South Australia, were awarded the hotly contested 2019 Australian Young Gun of Wine award.

Koerner's are highly regarded for their winemaking philosophy to stay honest to the vineyard and variety, and it shows in the quality of their wines.

The team are passionate about their product, and use CX Video to offer a personal experience to their customers to help share their love of winemaking.

Typically they record a short "thank you" video around the time their product is delivered.

Feedback Koerner's have received from their customers has been overwhelmingly positive.

They are seeing more repeat sales, and have been able to more easily sign up new members to their Friends of Koerner wine club.

Powered behind the scenes with our native Shopify integration, Koerner employees can read everything they need to know about their customer's order in the CX Video iPhone app, making the recording experience simple and time efficient while remaining hugely impactful for their customers.



90%+ Email Open rates

Significantly higher open rates than email newsletters and other traditional martech solutions.

> 50% Video View Rates

With some viewers watching their videos more than 7 times each, Koerner Wine are achieving outstanding customer engagement metrics.

Notable Increase In Sales

Along with providing a much deeper insight into the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) each sale and new customer delivers them.

Amazing Customer Feedback

Koerner's customers love the authenticity that comes from 1:1 videos that the winery can now deliver at scale at very low cost.


Example Videos

Imagine purchasing a mixed dozen box of wines from www.koernerwine.com.au and then receiving one of these videos below.

That's the Koerner Wine experience, proudly provided by CX Video.

Click the images below to view their videos in a new window - feel free to jump to the Koerner site and browse their award winning wines while you're at it!

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